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Alpha Helmets

Headset Services Limited is a specialist provider of Alpha Helmets
as well as Repairs, Servicing and Modifications.

Coronavirus Status Update

Headset Services Limited is committed to its continued support of Alpha Helmet servicing across UK during the COVID-19 crisis. Product drop-off is allowed, but this is strictly by appointment ONLY. However, where possible, we would suggest you use recorded postal services instead.


Alpha Eagle Helmet

The Alpha Eagle is designed to be used in Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft. Available in four different sizes (Medium, Medium Long, Medium Broad, and Large) as well as an array of colours (Gloss White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Suede Blue/Grey, and Suede Olive /Green). The heelmet can be fitted with a range of Visors, Communications, and additional items such as a Lip Light.

  • Various Sizes
  • Various Colours
  • Semi-Rigid Visor Cover
  • Dual Visors
  • Passive or ANR Headset
  • Coiled or Straight Downlead
  • A Variety of Boom Arms
  • Dynamic or Electret Microphone
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Alpha 900 Helmet

The Alpha 900 is designed to be used in Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft. Available in various different sizes and colours, and with configurable options to include Dazzle Laser Visors, ANVIS/FENNS Night Vision Goggles (NVG), Oxygen Mask Recievers, Face Shields and PPE Masks. Is also available as a Wet-Winch Search And Rescue (SAR) with Waterproof Comms.

  • Various Sizes
  • Various Colours
  • NVG Visor Cover
  • Dual Visors
  • Passive or ANR Headset
  • Coiled or Straight Downlead
  • A Variety of Boom Arms
  • Standard / Waterproof Microphone
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Alpha 400 Helmet

The Alpha 400 helmet is ideal for use by passengers, medical professionals, observers and for passenger transportation. Available in two sizes (Medium and Large). With a strong, lightweight construction, the helmet is easy to adjust for supreme comfort and fit. Simple rapid adjustment of the ear capsules and nape pad, along with an internal padded headlining system. Suited to a wide range of head shapes and sizes without compromise on balance or helmet retention.

  • Semi-Rigid Visor Cover
  • Dual Visors
  • Passive or ANR Headset
  • Coiled or Straight Downlead
  • A Variety of Boom Arms
  • Dynamic or Electret Microphone
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Our Products

We offer a full range of Alpha Helmets which support Pilots, Passengers and Search & Rescue (SAR) personnel. With Passive, Active Noise Reduction or Waterproof communication kits fitted. The Alpha 900 can support ANVIS and FENNS Night Visor Goggles. Let our experts help you make the right choice.

Our Repair Process


Headset Services Limited have an ISO9001:2015 and EASA Part145 approved workshop where repairs, servicing and modifications are carried out on site. Please remember to include our Repair Form when sending items into our facility.


Initial assessment takes place to analyze your Alpha Helmet and determine its spec. Next, the helmet is fully inspected by one of our qualified technicians, and a repair plan is tailor made to address the specific parts to be repaired and/or replaced. Based on these findings, a quotation is produced and sent to the customer for approval.


Non-Account holders will be required to make payment before any work begins. Equipment is repaired to the original manufacturer's specifications and released with a Certificate of Conformity. The normal turnaround time for repairs is 2 - 5 days, pending available parts.


During the Repair and/or Service process, it is recommended that Hygiene Parts such as the Head-Liner, Nape Pad, Ear Seals and Microphone Windsock be replaced, thereby maintaining the helmet's original comfort and performance.


Our highly qualified workshop technicians can custom build leads, converters and adaptors for bespoke requirements. We can also retro-fit our own Active Noise Reduction system or other manufacturer's such as the Bose A20 or the David Clark DC ONE, which offer Bluetooth functionality for making/receiving telephone calls and listening to music.


Items are returned with the use of a professional courier service such as DPD, DHL and UPS, of which provide Tracking Details.

Ordering Options


Ordering an Alpha Helmet

We make the ordering process of an Alpha Helmet simple. With the help of the specially designed Easy Order Guides showcasing the various options. Our Sales Team are also available to help you make the right choice.


Easy Order Guide for Alpha Eagle Helmet

Easy Order Guide for Alpha 900 Helmet

Easy Order Guide for Alpha 900 SAR Helmet

Easy Order Guide for Alpha 400 Helmet

Measuring Sheet for Alpha 900 Helmet

Measuring Sheet for Alpha 400 Helmet

Colours and Textures

The Alpha Helmets are available in an array of different gloss and suede colours.

Hover the mouse pointer over the options below to see how they look.

Gloss White

Gloss Yellow

Gloss Blue

Gloss Red

Suede Blue/Grey

Suede Olive/Green


Optional Extras

HSL is able to offer you something a little extra. From its own Active Noise Reduction to a Bose A20 or David Clark ONE-X headset installed inside an Alpha Helmet. Alternatively, the CEP Interface Kit which offer extra hearing protection.

Find out more about:

Active Noise Reduction

NVG Lip Lights

CEP Interface Kit

Hygiene Parts

Deluxe Helmet Bag


About Us

Since its inception, Headset Services Limited (HSL) has served the needs of the Helicopter and General Aviation Industry by providing and servicing Pilot Headsets, Helmets and other communication devices. HSL also supports the Emergency Services such as Police, Coastguard and Air Ambulance.

Quality Assurance

Headset Services Limited is ISO9001-2015 approved and also has UK145 approval (CAA). HSL is the European Warranty Repair Centre for David Clark Inc.

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